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Well Known Telescopes

There are many well-know telescopes and there were many well known telescopes in the past. These telescopes, over the years, have helped the astronomers in many ways.

They have also helped in the invention of new telescope technologies as well. There has to be a specific reason for being well-known or famous. Few telescopes are well-known because of their gigantic sizes.

Few telescopes are famous because they made a way towards newer and more powerful generation of telescopes. The list of well-known telescopes is quite huge. Some of the very famous ones are mentioned here:

Hubble Space Telescope: It is one of the most well-known telescopes so far. This telescope has a length of 2.4 meters and is located currently is the space. We have been seeing many exciting images of far and distant objects even without knowing the source of these images i.e., the Hubble Space Telescope. This telescope was launched on 25th April, 1990. It is a giant observatory and is capable of providing lots of information back to us on earth.

Many recent observations in the sky have been made with the help of Hubble Telescope. It can observe the universe much better than those telescopes that are located on earth. The reason is because of the fact that the observations made by Hubble is free from the filtering effect of our earth’s atmosphere that prevents the ultra-violet and infrared light rays to pass through it.

Spitzer Space Telescope: The Spitzer Space Telescope is another very well-known telescope after the Hubble space telescope. It was deployed in the space in August 2003. It was launched from Florida by Delta Rocket.

Spitzer Space Telescope was launched with a special mission. The main mission of this telescope is to collect images of different radio waves emitting objects in the space with wavelengths between 3 and 180 microns.

A single micron is one millionth of a meter. The reason for launching this telescope in the sky is that these types of wavelengths are blocked by the atmosphere of the earth; hence they can’t be observed from the earth. It has to be observed from outside our world.

Sir Isaac Newton Telescope: It is one of the most famous telescopes and is usually famous because of its historical significance. It is currently located in Canary Island but previously it was located in Sussex, England.

The length of this telescope is 2.5 meter and it was constructed way back in 1967 and it provided many unbelievable pictures of different celestial objects in the sky. It was a revolutionary telescope and helped the astronomers of that time to study and analyze the world outside our world.

Hale Telescope: This is another well-known telescope and is currently located in Washington and it is considered to be a step towards the generation of telescopes that are in use today. It is a 200 inch telescope; an optical telescope and it has helped the astronomers in analyzing the scale of this universe.

Keck Observatory: The Keck Observatory houses two largest optical telescopes available today. These two largest telescopes are also called as the Keck Telescopes.

They are located in Hawaii and are usually famous because of their huge size and technologies being used in them. The sensors of these telescopes are fully controlled by computing technologies.

All of these famous telescopes have enabled mankind to look beyond our world and to analyze for immense size of this universe. To find more information on other well-known telescopes, you can use different resources like newspapers, astronomical magazines or the internet.


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