How to Build Your Own Telescope

Building your own telescope can be easy or hard, it depends on what you plan to do with the telescope. If you're just looking to build a completely handmade telescope for a project, then our example below will serve you well. If you're looking to build a more professional telescope then we suggest you order a kit.

It is very easy to build one’s own telescope, if one is really interested to do so. However, it really depends on what kind of telescope one intends to build.

It is easy to build a telescope if all that is desired is a simple device that follows the fundamental principles of a telescope. If a fully functional telescope to explore the night sky is desired to be created, more time, effort and money would be required to be invested.

First of all, the requirements for building the telescope would have to be understood. Also, the type of the desired telescope must be known, that is, a refractor or a reflector.

Both the kinds of telescopes are perfect for exploring the sky, however, the components required for their construction differ.

Many websites give information on more professional homemade telescopes. Many of them give the instructions to build a telescope in addition to the list of required components.

There are also many books available which guide one through the entire process of building one’s own telescope. A nearby local library or bookshop with do-it-yourself section would definitely prove helpful.

There are several places that prove useful to provide materials on building telescopes. Hobby shops are top on such a list.

Assistants in such shops generally know what one’s requirements are and what the best products to buy are. Products required for such purposes can be purchased at online shops. Some of these websites are as follows:

  1. University Optics
  2. Advanced Telescope Supplies
  3. Optical, Laser and Fiber Optics Resource

The components used in telescope can also be made. People have made telescopes using simple things such as PVC pipes, duct tapes, cardboards and wood, and such telescopes have worked. As a matter of fact, many of them have proved extremely powerful and even look amazing!

Once the decision to build a telescope is taken, learning how to go about it becomes the difficult part. Some research before venturing into it would prove useful.

It should be understood that the procedure to be followed is long and requires efficiency. A log book must be maintained so as to keep a track of one’s work and to get the status of the project at any stage.

It is not difficult to build your own telescope. Also it doesn’t take much time in building your own telescope. What does take time is the learning process before you apply yourself in the making of your own telescope.

If you know the important parts of a telescope and you know their functionalities as well then building a telescope will become an easy task for you.

Any beginner can build his own telescope provided that he does his homework properly before building it.

An alternate of building your own telescope from scratch is to use a telescope kit. Teachers can also make use of telescope kit in order to demonstrate how to make your own telescope.

Telescope kits are ideal for beginners since they save their money and time; providing them with a telescope with moderate quality.