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Making a Telescope

It is essential to know how a telescope works before trying to know how to make a telescope. A telescope magnifies distant objects and brings them to the focal point. Acquiring knowledge of making a telescope can be done in various ways.

Making a TelescopeOne may go online and visit several websites that give information on how to make telescopes. As a matter of fact, many people even consider making telescopes as a made form of art. Some telescopes made by amateurs even compete with the ones available in the market for sale and can even perform better. There are several books available regarding making telescopes at home and in fact, many of those would also be available at a nearby library.

The instructions to be followed so as to make a simple telescope have been given below. The following components must be arranged for:

1. Two magnifying lenses – simple magnifying glasses or reading glasses would suffice. One must be larger and more powerful than the other.
2. A long cardboard tube – a paper towel roll or gift wrap paper tube would be excellent
3. Tape – a duct tape would be perfect
4. A marker of any color
5. A pair of scissors
6. A ruler
7. A paper with printing on it

The larger lens must be placed below the paper with printing on it. The other lens must be placed above the paper so as to have the paper between the two lenses. The writing would be blurred. The lenses must be arranged in such a way that the image comes to the focal point. The distance between the lenses must be measured.

On the cardboard tube, a distance of one inch from its end must be marked with the marker and a slot in the tube must be cut in such a way that it should be able to hold the large magnifying glass. The same measurement must be taken and a slot that is able to hold the second magnifying glass must be cut.

The two glasses must be placed in their respective slots. The big one must be placed in the front and the small one at the back. The two glasses must be taped with the duct tape. Two inches of the cardboard tube past the magnifying glass may be cut off so as to make it convenient to handle. The paper may be looked at using the telescope. The arrangement might have to adjust so as to get it focused.

This is how a simple refracting telescope is made. You can make use of various online resources that can help you in making your own telescope. If you know the basic elements of a telescope and you do your homework before making your own telescope then the overall task won’t remain difficult for you.

You should always know the important elements of a telescope e.g., eyepiece, different mirrors or lenses (depending upon the type of telescope you are making). If you know them, you can make your telescope easily.


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