Telescope review for Celestron CPC 800

Among the leading brands of telescope the name of Celestron stands tall, and Celestron CPC 800 telescope is among the best products for their stable while the reviews for this particular are aplenty.

The good news is that this particular telescope is a moderately priced product ranging from 1,800 - 2,000 dollars. But even then when you are on the look out for a telescope the onus is on you to buy the right product. Here below are a few reviews that might be of some help –

“The Celestron eight inch SCT (Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope) is a truly outstanding optical device. This device is a great mixture of an optical tube plus a 3rd generation geared mount that computer operated.”

Now this mixture is not a common device, as it’s a 1st of its kind where ground-up Goto device mechanism has been evolved taking a superior level pattern along with it, and when the user has made user of it the conclusion is comparatively easier – its brilliant. And this is the difference between an ordinary make and a Celestron make.

“Previously some blurriness was there in the products but this one has taken care of all such aspects. Besides, this products has come after the introduction of the exemplary NexStar 8 GPS that happens not only to be the first telescope laded with GPS location & time mechanism, but also happen to be a timeless piece that despite long usage period still functions superbly and the reliability remains intact.”

“Certain this model is a telescope but since it’s a user-friendly device its more in demand too. The design is supreme and the faults that are part of an untried & tested models are not what we would associate with Celestron CPC 800.

Yes admittedly there are many more smaller & slick looking refractors in the market that might catch your attention but when we are speaking of the 8" SCT the other products just cannot be mentioned in the same breath as this product.

SO the present products that are made by Celestron have such products prices at a slightly less price than $1900 for a product that well worth its money which makes sky viewing an exciting thing to do and therefore it’s the best that money can buy in the current price.”

“Celestron CPC 800 comes along with a tripod that is sturdy and is a whole some package for this wonderful telescope.

You shouldn’t be too expectant of the accessories as they are standard stuff, but what ever is provided in the NexStar scheme has turned this telescope the best there is on offer.”

WE have read and gone through many reviews and also conducted our own analysis of these assessments of the Celestron CPC 800 telescope & there not nothing negative to report with regards to the telescope.

This is the company’s latest offering and according to a few this is the best it has ever produced. The price is right and it the best for both amateurs & professionals too.