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Launching of Hubble Space Telescope

The successful launch of Hubble Space was made after facing so many hurdles like delays, budget problems etc. It faced many setbacks before it was successfully launched.

Despite of being surrounded with so many setbacks, the Hubble Space Telescope was eventually successful in making its mark in the history.

One of the hurdles in the building of Hubble-space telescope was delays and budgets. The problem of budget was finally resolved in 1977 when the Congress voted the funding of this space-based telescope project after which the development of Hubble Space Telescope started.

The work was almost finished in 1981 except final polishing of the mirrors and finally the date for launching it was scheduled to be in October 1986. Another problem arose that time when NASA lost its confidence in the company that had the responsibility of the making of the mirrors.

Finally, after so many hurdles, the Hubble Space Telescope was ready to be launched in October 1986 when it came across another major setback. It was one of the worst hurdles in the history of Hubble Space Telescope when the space shuttle exploded after its launch.

The disaster halted the whole space observatory program and it caused severe delay in the launch of Hubble Space Telescope. These were the two main hurdles in the launch of Hubble Space Telescope.

Keeping their fingers crossed, the supporters of HST (Hubble Space Telescope) were finally thinking that this project might not succeed but they kept their hopes. The next year, in 1988, different shuttle flights were resumed and in the same year the next date of the launch of Hubble Space Telescope was scheduled.

The scheduled year was 1990. Another relatively minor problem was to remove the dust that had been built up on the mirror of the Hubble Space Telescope after its delay. The dust was removed with the help of jets of nitrogen.

Before the final launch of the Hubble Space Telescope, extensive tested was conducted to ensure the success of its launch this time. Finally, on 24th of April, 1990, Discover; the space shuttle was launched into the space with Hubble Telescope. Since then, Hubble space telescope has been giving us vital information about the surroundings of our earth.

After its launch, the Hubble Space telescope immediately started providing lots and lots of useful information back to earth. The value of the information that was being sent by Hubble Space telescope was apparent.

It successfully made its mark in the history and it became and still the most important tool ever used by astronomers to know about the place where they live; earth and its surrounding.

The Hubble Space Telescope has cameras on board that are responsible for capturing images provided by the telescope.

The Hubble Space Telescope provided extremely vital information, and is still providing, to the astronomers that helped them and still helping them in studying our universe. The information being provided by the Hubble Space Telescope is used today in various research projects today.


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